Helios Landscape Design owner and lead landscape designer, Kristen Whitehead softly looks down at some plants at a local nursery in Longmont Colorado.
Drought tolerant landscaping plant, bee balm in full bloom in northern colorado

About Helios Landscape Design

We strive to build a relationship with our clients so we can design an outdoor space they will enjoy for years to come.

Inspiring humans who inhabit the landscapes through living, breathing and intentional designs.

Our mission…
 We are…


Landscape designers who create a vision for a life outdoors that is rooted in intention, colored by living materials, and driven by collaboration.

  • Focus on design, so you can imagine the possibilities of your outdoor space
  • Take the time to understand our clients’ space & needs
  • Tread as lightly as we can. We care about our local communities & our environment
  • Source materials & plants as locally as possible
  • Do our part to take care of soil, water & air
  • Work collaboratively with local suppliers, installers & maintenance companies that value respect, fairness & integrity
Close up image of Kristen Whitehead, owner of Helios Landscape Design, hand-selecting the perfect plants to be implemented in a landscape design.

Meet the Helios Team

Jaclyn Salts

Landscape Designer

Kristen Whitehead

Founder + Landscape Designer

Evan Ware

Design Assistant

Ali Hasert

Operations Manager


The Helios Pup

Erin Langsfeld

Office Manager

How it all began…

Founder & Lead Landscape Designer

Kristen Whitehead was born in Boulder & grew up as the stereotypical outdoor-loving Colorado kid.

She went to Colorado State University to study Environmental Horticulture for Landscape Design and Contracting. After graduating in 2013, Kristen started working for a high-end residential landscape design-build firm in Fort Collins and then moved to Denver to take a job as a commercial estimator. Kristen started Helios in 2016 after missing design and the connections she made by reviewing landscape plans at messy dining room tables.

    Helios Landscape Designer, Kristen whitehead and her late husband kissing on their wedding day.
    Helios owner and her late husband and dog standing together for a photo taken in front of New Belgium Brewery in fort Collins Colorado.
    In loving memory of Michael Roach

    Michael Roach, Kristen’s late husband, had officially joined the Helios team in 2021. He was a loving husband, son, brother, and friend, as well as the best prankster, a talented musician, and a truly rare individual. He left the world suddenly and unexpectedly in April of 2022 at age 32.

    Michael and Kristen met during driver’s education and sparked a remarkable love story that endures and continues to inspire us everyday. Michael completed a Bachelor’s Degree at Colorado State University. His major was Liberal Arts, although he certainly could have double-majored in Japes, Capers, and Escapades. After college, Michael let his versatile nature take hold and held a variety of jobs from a utility technician for the City of Lafayette, to a financial advisor, and finally by helping grow Helios Landscape Design to a thriving business, as our Coordination Manager. He was the brightest light and glue that kept all things at Helios running smoothly, efficiently, and helped grow what the company is today. Michael had a superhuman ability to talk to and befriend anyone from any walk of life. He was not only successful but truly well-loved everywhere he went.

    Michael’s heart was an infinite ocean. It was filled with leagues of ways to bring joy and laughter to anyone who met him – from a close friend to a stranger. The world can only endeavor to match the love and community that flowed from Michael, as easy as a wave.

      We’ll love and miss you forever.
        the Helios family story
        the Helios family story

        Landscape Designer

        Jaclyn is a San Diego transplant & has been a member of the Helios team since 2020.

        Jaclyn came out to Colorado to complete her degree and made a positive impression in the horticulture department with her involvement in many of the various programs. After graduation, she took on a career in the landscaping field in Dallas and then went back to San Diego. When she’s not working as a designer, you’ll find her hiking with her pup, Mr. Pepper, crafting, and playing the violin.

        ISA Certified Arborist®


        Design Assistant

        Evan Ware is originally from Virginia.

        She has a bachelor’s degree in horticulture with a focus on landscape contracting from Virginia Tech as well as a master’s in horticulture from Auburn University. She has spent most of her career working in public gardens across the Southeast in addition to helping the public solve issues within their landscape as an extension agent. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her partner + cats, crocheting, and reading.

        ISA Certified Arborist®


        Certified Arborist badge for Jaclyn Salts
        Helios Landscape design's team smiles as they pose together for a group photo under an arbor at a local plant nursery in Longmont Colorado.

        Operations Manager & Office Manager

        Ali  & Erin are our behind-the-scenes worker bees!

        Ali Hasert is the operations manager and she can be found managing invoices, organizing the team, and ensuring operations are running as efficiently as possible. With a background in project management, her love for spreadsheets and organization keeps Helios on an upwards trajectory. When she’s not working, Ali is typically either tackling house projects or playing with her two rowdy pups (Mack and Winnie) and two mischievous cats (Bear and Dewey).

        Erin Langsfeld is the office manager and friendly voice behind most of our customer-facing communications. She also helps manage our designers’ calendars and delivers prints of final preliminary plans to our clients. Erin has a colorful work history of creating mannequins and being a talented makeup artist, but she has an extensive background in administration and customer relations after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from CSU. In her downtime, Erin can be found reading, convincing her husband to adopt more cats, and attending the Renaissance Festival.

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