Sundance Drive

Site Analysis

Jennifer & Andy needed an updated landscape design and help re-envisioning the exterior of their home in Longmont Colorado. The wanted to grow vegetables and have some privacy from their neighbors. 

Project Goals

» Reenvision the overgrown, outdated plants

» Cut down on water usage

» Keep the view to the reservoir but create privacy from neighbors

» Add places to grow vegetables



    To reenvision the overgrown, outdated plant material » 

    • Removed overgrown plants and replace them with plants that will grow the appropriate size in the space provided for them without as much maintenance
    • Created a cohesive plant pallet with plants that bloom at various times and provide winter interest

    To cut down on water usage » 

    • We redrew sod bedlines to make more planting space for low-water plants while keeping enough grass for the dog play area

    To keep the view to the reservoir but create privacy from neighbors » 

    • Kept the plants lower along the back fence to keep the views across the field to the reservoir and provide narrow, upright evergreen and deciduous plants that will create a screen from the neighbors for more privacy

    To add places to grow vegetables » 

    • Instead of providing a large designated space for vegetables, we incorporated raised beds within the shrub borders to provide various different annual growing beds. This creates different microclimates that allow the homeowners to try out different varieties of annual edible plants.

    3D Renderings


    Final Plan

    Sundance Drive updated landscape design final plan created by Helios Landscape Design in Longmont Colorado

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