Lawn Alternatives for Colorado

There are many options other than traditional turf to explore in order to create a sustainable landscape with lawn alternatives for Colorado landscape design.

Over the past few years, we’ve had an influx of clients that want to reduce or completely remove their grass on their property. Between the rise in conservation efforts, water costs and some suburbs completely banning lawns in new developments, it’s no wonder people are rethinking the traditional lawn. It is worthwhile to explore alternatives that can bring both sustainability and visual appeal to your outdoor space. Let’s dive into some creative grass alternatives in Colorado landscape design.

Landscape design of a backyard in Longmont that uses lawn alternatives for Colorado
Before + Afters of Helios Landscape Designs ↓
Mid-century front yard landscape design with a modern front walkway made from staggered concrete pavers that feature bright green ground cover, barberry shrubs and blue fescue ornamental grasses in Boulder Colorado
Alternative Lawn Options:

Ornamental ground covers:

  • For a creative solution with a touch of charm, consider ornamental ground covers. These low-growing plants, like creeping thyme, Corsican mint, or thyme, create a carpet-like effect that add color and texture to a lower traffic area in your landscape. They’re typically drought-tolerant which make them an excellent choice for Colorado’s landscape design.


  • The term is “xeric” meaning “containing little moisture; very dry” is a commonly used phrase in our state. Many folks use the term “zero”-scaping – an easy mistake to make. Xeriscape involves using drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation systems, and other clever strategies to save water. By adopting xeriscaping principles, you can create a visually appealing landscape that thrives even in Colorado’s dry climate. Look for plants from Plant Select or High Country Gardens plants like: Hyssop, Undaunted Ruby Muhly or Apache Plume, to name a few, that can handle the arid climate while adding color and texture to your outdoor space.
    A clean lawn alternative for colorado is shown using a flagstone patio surrounded by moss rock and mulch with new plants.

    Native Grass and Wildflower Mixes:

    • Why not invite a touch of Colorado’s natural beauty into your landscape? Native grass and wildflower seeds are a fantastic choice as they are well-suited to our climate and require less water compared to typical bluegrass lawns. Plus, they attract local wildlife and add a fun touch of diversity to your surroundings. If you are interested in adding this to a space in your yard, Arkansas Valley Seed Company may have the mix you’re looking for!
      Macro image of a xeric wildflower a purple coneflower that thrives as a lawn alternative that is often used by Helios Landscape Design in Longmont Colorado
      Native pollinator-friendly front yard landscape design in Colorado with bee boxes.

      So, there you have it—some exciting alternatives to traditional grass lawns in your Colorado landscape design. By embracing ornamental ground covers, xeriscaping techniques, or native wildflowers and grasses, you can create a stunning and sustainable outdoor space that complements our unique climate. Remember to consider your space’s specific needs, your personal preferences, and the environmental impact when making your choice. With a bit of thoughtfulness, your Colorado landscape design will be both captivating and eco-friendly.

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