Confidence Drive

Site Analysis

Our landscape design clients and Longmont, Colorado homeowners were looking for a low-maintenance landscape design solution that incorporated existing plants and improved their outdoor living area and created some privacy from their carriage house.

Project Goals

» Create a simple, clean design that ties together homeowner’s style

» Keep upkeep low maintenance

»  Incorporate existing plants + pond

» Create privacy from the carriage house

» Improve overall outdoor living space



    To create a simple, clean design that ties together the homeowner’s style »

    • With the use of a low deck, poured-in-place pavers, and straight lines, it gives the look of long, clean lines to make the yard feel bigger

    To keep upkeep low maintenance »

    • A variety of trees, shrubs that need minimal maintenance, and grasses/ground cover that only needs to be cut back one time/ year

    To incorporate existing plants + pond » 

    • We left the pond and worked out from that main focal point and kept as many mature trees as possible to retain the cozy courtyard feel

    To create privacy from the carriage house »

    • Tall, narrow shrubs divide the main living space with the entrance to the carriage house

    To improve overall outdoor living space »

    • Decking and poured-in-place pavers bring your eye out into the yard extending the use of the space and making the small backyard feel bigger

    3D Renderings


    Final Plan

    Confidence Drive a low-maintenance landscape design created by Helios Landscape Design in Longmont Colorado

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